My story

In the past I used to work in the aviation industry as an aircraft engineer. It was challenging and fun, however I was not getting enough job satisfaction. I consider myself as a creative person and maintaining something is not what I was born to do.

Immediately after graduating as an aircraft engineer, I started to look for other things to do on the side so I started a part time course for a diploma in computer science.

It started as a hobby but now I must say its my full time job.

After 2 years of studying, my diploma graduation arrived and it was satisfying. At that point I realised that the I.T industry was the way forward for my carrier, so I moved onto the degree pathway (3 more years of study).

It wasn't easy though, working full time and studying part time. I must say that they were 6 heavy and long years.

But with determination and perseverance here I am writing the story on my own blog :)

A year before my degree graduation, I managed to get a job in an software development company, at that was the start of a new journey. I was so proud of myself because I managed to convince the interviewer that I've got potential even if I did not graduate yet and I didn't come from an I.T background.

Since that first interview I worked in the gaming industry as-well and now I am a Freelancer.

I hope you enjoy my blog where I will be publishing articles relating but not limited to: Lifestyle, Technology and Hair Replacement Systems.

My Vision

Hi I’m Matthew Borg Carr and I’m a web and software developer

I create software and websites of any kind.

I am also the founder of an innovative mobile app which it’s main purpose is to revolutionize how consumers find businesses and how businesses are exposed.

I will soon be publishing a blog dedicated to this app explaining how this venture was born how it is successful and the journey from start to end :)


Matthew Borg Carr

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People constantly need services and they need them NOW....

2 weeks from first installation

It’s not your hair and there’s a foreign object attached to your scalp......

Don’t be shy to tell them it’s not your hair...

Be prepared, people will ask you why and how you look different......

The Experience

After my first blog post on hair replacement systems ([The New Look]( going viral on hair replacement system and hitting more than 600 views in less than 6 hours, I decided to keep on writing about this amazing experience....

The New Look

I am bald. I can’t hide facts and reality... people who know me, know exactly how I used to look... but not anymore....

My Role Model

Test summary...

First blog post

The first ever blog post is here. It might be a good idea to update this post with some more relevant content....