Don’t be shy to tell them it’s not your hair...

Hello again dear followers,

So sorry for not publishing any posts sooner, however I was a quite busy with very important stuff...

But now here I am, and after my last publication (The Experience), I would like to share with you my views on how you should re-integrate with the society after the big change.

My wife has been very supportive as to how I used to look... she appreciated my appearance and accepted me the way I was. She actually married a bald guy and looking back I feel very lucky! She used to tell me that I look good even when I told her how much I wanted to have hair... Having supportive friends and family members helps a lot and keeps you strong.

(In this picture, which by the way was taken many years ago... I still had some hair left...)

After so many years as a bald man, my first concern in having a hair system done was how would I integrate once again within the society with the new look... when you make a change especially a drastic change like mine, people tend to look at you trying to figure out what’s changed and why you seem different since when they last saw you... It’s hard and by the way it’s normal to feel that way. At least I did. There are many ways how you can go about it but I’ll share my way with you because that’s all I’ve got...

The day I had the appointment for my hair system I told my wife that it’s best if I avoided the crowds that night. In fact we were invited at our relatives’ house later that evening and my wife had to go alone since I was not sufficiently prepared to face the crowd. My wife was very supportive and understood why I needed my own space that day. The reason is simple: don’t expect others to accept your new look unless you’ve accepted it yourself.

So give it time, stay at home for a couple of days before you go out in the public. Let yourself digest the change first because once you do, others will. In my case I needed just one day – in fact, the next day we were invited at our friends’ house and I visited them with no issues whatsoever.

Be prepared though: people will ask you why and how you look different. Some people, especially the ones that see you frequently will notice the change immediately, but that doesn’t mean they won’t talk to you about it.

No matter what, be open and talk freely about what you did. Tell them about the process, how it is installed, why you decided to do it, etc.

Talk about it like you’re talking about your day at work. The more you’re open about it, the quicker you start the reintegration process within the society. Of course people are different and your experience might be different than mine, but the only thing that’s common for sure is the results that come along if you’re open about it. The more you hide it, the more people talk about what you did behind your back...

At first you’re more “paranoid“. You are wary that people are looking at you because of the change naturally, but by time it will fade away. After a couple of days I had family members that told me; “honestly we don’t remember how you used to look”.

Thank you guys for reading... share this with anyone you know because as most of you told me it could help anyone that is in the situation I was before.

The point of me sharing this experience with you guys is to help you out because I wish I found help before, and I don’t want that for you...

Feel free to get in touch for information, I am honestly willing to help you guys.

Stay tuned more is yet to come...


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