2 weeks from first installation

Hello hello dearest world...

I'm back with more information :D :D :D

So let's get started...

It’s not your hair and there’s a foreign object attached to your scalp...

You sweat, especially in summer... dirt is in the air... etc.

This of course requires some maintenance.

Some people might say “hey this as a commitment...” I tell them straight away; in a way you’re right, it is, but really and truly if you had natural hair wouldn’t you go to the hairdresser at least once every month?

This is just the same... your hair is alive; in the sence that it grows and it whitens thus it needs trimming and attention. You need to take care of your own hair whether you have a hair replacement system or not...

So that’s also maintenance, don’t you think??

When it comes to the actual hair replacement system, it needs to be removed, properly cleaned and reattached – It’s inevitable but trust me its worth-it!

This is life... and you can’t have everything in life... you want my personal opinion??

Here it is;

"I’d rather add another commitment with the many I already have and I look at the mirror and see a different me or meet someone who he tells me hey you look 5 years younger!"

In case you haven’t yet noticed... the hair replacement system (even though it looks 200% natural) is not your hair, it is donated by someone on the other side of the planet... this means that your body is not supplying it with what it needs to stay healthy... it thus goes without saying that you need as much as possible to take good care of “hair” more than you used to before your head decided to throw away the most important thing in your life...

Thank you guys for reading... share this with anyone you know because as most of you told me it could help anyone that is in the situation I was before.

The point of me sharing this experience with you guys is to help you out because I wish I found help before, and I don’t want that for you...

Feel free to get in touch for information, I am honestly willing to help you guys.

Stay tuned more is yet to come...


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It’s been a while since I’ve decided to create this blog and now finally it’s live :)



2018-08-07 22:11:39

Interesting and I'm following


2018-08-07 22:34:24

Continue sharing your story pls. May be inspiring for those going through hard moments


2018-08-07 22:38:35

Well done, Matthew. Takes guts to do this and you face it like a boss :)


2019-02-12 11:34:02

Well Done Mat!

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