The Experience

Hello again dearest world,

After my first blog post on hair replacement systems (The New Look) going viral on hair replacement system and hitting more than 600 views in less than 6 hours, I decided to keep on writing about this amazing experience.

First of all I would like to thank each and everyone of you that took the time to thank me for the post and for sharing this experience, either via msgs, calls and even comments, both on Facebook and on the blog itself.

I will do my best to answer all your queries in the posts that will follow

So moving onto the experience...

I would like to discuss how I felt as soon as the hair replacement system was attached to my head.

Well it was simply out of this world... it’s a very rare feeling I must say. It’s like you lose an arm and they manage to successfully reattach it for you and you regain control of its functions...

Ok maybe it sounds a little bit too dramatic but I want to somehow express my feelings on how it felt.

I was planning on creating this blog even before I got my hair replacement so I had to take pictures for the before and after moments...

And here they are... if you read my previous post, you’ve seen these already. However you did not see them this close together:

As an outsider, seeing these two pictures closely together you can tell that it’s life changing – you can only imagine how I feel seeing myself with hair after so many years!

Immediately after the installation I had to stop for a few moments, to pass my fingers through my hair, from front to back with my fingers wide open to feel the hair between them.

The feeling was so great that I told myself:

I really need to cry, but I feel embarrassed doing that in front of you

Well it’s the pride of a man that kept me strong, but tears were already forming in my eyes...

After the installation is complete, the styling comes along and this was the point where I felt I’m back where I belong. When I had my own hair, I used to go to the hairdresser at least once every month, either for a haircut or for a blow dry... that is why we go to the hairdressers, no!!?

So in a nut shell I was experiencing what I used to experience many many years ago...

Thank God I did this because now I don’t look at the mirror and wish I had hair... I now look at the mirror and wish I knew about this before!

It’s pointless to cry over spilled milk they say... and that’s what I’m not gonna do

Thank you guys for reading... share this with anyone you know because as most of you told me it could help anyone that is in the situation I was before.

The point of me sharing this experience with you guys is to help you out because I wish I found help before, and I don’t want that for you...

Feel free to get in touch for information, I am honestly willing to help you guys.

Stay tuned more is yet to come...


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