Intelligent Parking Management System

A prototype system designed to proof the concept of an Intelligent Parking Management System. Devices called 'nodes' installed at every parking space, consist of various sensors which are able to determine whether a parking space is free or vacant.

Additionally using a camera, this system is also able to read license plates of vehicles approaching the parking spaces.

Making use of a mobile app and a website users will be able to view and check parking spaces as well as book parking space prior to arriving to a desired destination.

"A prototype project developed in 2017, that targets the implementation of an intelligent parking management system in the street parking spaces.
Using Artificial Intelligence to be almost 100% accurate in License Plate recognition readings. The system is able to adapt and learn different environments."

- Matthew Borg Carr


Features & Specifications

  • Ease and cheap to implement
  • Highly Secure
  • Wireless Communication
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Check Parking Space Availability
  • Parking Spaces Booking
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence
  • Learns license plates to increase accuracy
  • CO2 Controlled Zones
  • Use of Maps: to plot street parking status
  • Vehicle Tracking (optional)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Android & iOS Compatible
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Backend System

A website to interact with and configure the entire system:

  • - Manage individual nodes
  • - Teach the system
  • - View parking spaces status
  • - View and handle errors
  • - View data transfers to & from the nodes

Whole System Network Infrastructure

  • How everything is connected together to form the entire system.
  • Network split in two: Internal Network and External Network.
  • Internal network: All the 'nodes' connected together.
  • External network: The database and webserver (where the website is being hosted).
  • The middleman between the internal and external network is the Internet.

Mobile App

  • Android and iOS Compatible
  • Login and Registration
  • View parking spaces status
  • Book parking spaces
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